Heirloom Rescue

Joan rescued all the pieces of the original quilt that could be salvaged and created this beautiful piece using those saved components.

Lena Kaus, Lindsay, NE.

Betsy Lukes, Berwyn, IL.

Marie Roe, Chicago, IL.

Rosa Gugat, Pierce, NE.

  • Vicki's grandmother Lena, along with several of her friends, made a quilt around 1910.

    They each embroidered a square for the quilt showing their own name and hometown. They pieced the quilt together, with the rest of the squares being made from scraps of family clothing no longer in daily use.

    Over the course of more than three quarters of a century of daily family wear and tear, the quilt had fallen into serious disrepair. When Vicki brought it to Joan in 2001, it was being used as a drop cloth and moving blanket.

    Joan was able to rescue eight of the squares with the women's names, and one star-shaped patch of the family fabric. She reworked the pieces into a wall hanging for Vicki to hang in her father's home.

    He was around 85 at the time, and in spite of a faltering memory, he still recognized his mother's name on the wall hanging. It now holds a place of honor in Vicki's home.

  • Keeping these fabulous historical fabrics intact and in use is Joan's passion. Please let Joan know if you have an heirloom fabric that needs restoration, repair or reconstruction into a new heirloom.

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