Custom doll clothing made from restored heirloom fabrics

Mary Donna is this doll's name. One of my wonderful clients, Jean, received Mary Donna for her 3rd birthday, in 1926. I made the christening dress and bonnet from the ruffle from a 1915 woman's lawn dress. When Jean saw the restored Mary Donna, she said she looked just like new, and remembered the doll used to say 'Mama' when you turned her over.

Made for Ellen's doll, from her great-great Aunt Juanitašs dresser linens. The apron underskirt is made from a white linen, open cutwork dresser scarf, and the hand embroidered blue linen apron overskirt and bonnet brim (hard to see in the picture) was Aunt Juanita's tea towel.

Here's an OLD doll (manufacturer, Horseman - doll made of composition construction). Linen dresser scarf cut to make coat and hat.

  • Are the table linens and clothing passed down through your family sitting unused and taking up space?

  • No one seems to use them any more in their daily lives.

  • Joan will take them and turn them into treasured doll clothing for your special girl. She will also use fabrics and linens of her choosing if you want.

  • What a beautiful way to honor the artistry and hand work of the women in your family's past.

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