Meet Joan
& Heirlooms Again™

Heirloom fabrics in most conditions can be brought back to life for your special events.

  • Hi. I'm Joan. Welcome to my new enterprise. Because each creation is custom made to your specifications, there is a 3 to 4 week lead time typically. To discuss your project please use my contact page .

  • This site is a celebration of heirloom fabrics and their rebirth as new family traditions.

  • I want to dedicate this site to honoring the fabrics, the stories behind them, and the women who made them. In the quiet times among jobs, kids, and life, I've learned to bring precious heirloom fabrics back to life.

  • For my entire life I've loved fabrics and creating new treasures for almost every application you can think of. I especially love working with heirloom fabrics and creating custom pieces that will not only find new life for the fabrics, but create new and lasting traditions in your family.

  • I focus on doll clothing and gift items that represents family and historical traditions.

  • I also create hand made wedding gifts from precious family heirloom costumes. Converting them into new traditions (such as ring bearer's pillows) allows me to sustain the stories for your family and keep the fabric traditions of our mothers alive.

  • I choose materials specifically for their beauty and their stories, and when possible, their relevance to your family and your traditions.

  • I feel so blessed to have the gift of this creativity, and the opportunity to use it.

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